Congratulations to Sofia Bertulis with your white belt promotion!

Sofia has worked hard and demonstrated her commitment to martial arts training. She has shown improvement in her skills, technique, and understanding of the Wushu. We are proud of Sofia and her accomplishments. We know that she will continue to grow and develop as a martial artist.

Belt promotions are a special time for Vital Martial Arts Academy students. It is when they make the step from gaining clarity and capability with all of the material for their rank to demonstrating their capability with some confidence. It is sincerely hoped that these students will continue to study and grow in the spirit of Martial Arts and strive for the perfect union of Mind, Body and Spirit.

We would like to thank Sofia for her hours of practice and commitment to her Kung Fu training. We think that the Rank Promotion process is naturally a good time to reflect on her progress, not just through the rank she is working on, but on the distance, she has come and all of the skills she has learned since she started.

belt promotion sifu Vital Yarashevich and sifu Alexis Molina 04/02/2023

Sofia was examined for her white belt promotion by our Sifu Vital Yarashevich and guest Sifu Alexis Molina. Sifu Molina is a world-renowned martial artist with over 30 years of experience in the martial arts. He is a master of several different martial arts styles, including karate, kung fu, and jiu-jitsu.

Congratulations again, Sofia!