Congratulations to the VMAA students who were promoted today!

The Vital Martial Arts Academy held its monthly belt test on August 10, 2023. Students from different levels participated, and everyone showed great improvement.

In the intermediate level, Brooklyn “Anya” Moore earned a green belt with blue stripe. Brooklyn has been training for over a year, and she has consistently demonstrated her skills and knowledge. She is a hard worker and a dedicated student, and she is an asset to the academy.

In the beginners level, Maiia Evseenko earned her white belt. Maiia is a new student, but she has quickly picked up the basics of martial arts. She is a quick learner and a natural athlete, and she shows great promise.

We are proud of all of our students who participated in the belt test. They all worked hard, and they all deserve to be congratulated.

We are confident that these students will continue to grow and develop in their Wushu/Kung Fu journey. Congratulations to all of the students who were promoted!

Jiayou! (Chinese for “good luck” or “go for it”)