Congratulations to the VMAA students who were promoted today!

Belt promotions are a time to celebrate the hard work and dedication of martial arts students. On July 8, 2023, Vital Martial Arts Academy held a belt promotion ceremony for students who successfully completed the required training.

The following students were promoted to white belt:

  • Kirill Onofreiciuc
  • John Estrin
  • Tristan Hadanovich
  • Mirra Evseenko
  • Maxim Onofreiciuc
  • Andrei Zadorozhnyi
  • David Kaziev
  • Georgiy Zakhvatov
  • Emma Contreras

We are confident that these students will continue to grow and develop in their Wushu journey. Congratulations to all of the students who were promoted!

Jiayou! (Chinese for “good luck” or “go for it”)