Congratulations to all VMAA students that tested today, jiayou!

Belt promotions are a special time for martial arts students. It’s an opportunity for them to take the all skills they’ve been working hard on and not only show off their progress, but demonstrate their dedication to the sport.

Listed below are the students which have completed the required training and successfully passed the test on March 12, 2023 in the art of Wushu / Kung Fu at Vital Martial Arts Academy:

Yellow belt:

  1. Marco Viscito
  2. Carlos Gomez-Moreno

White belt:

  1. Lucia Viscito
  2. Sorina Codita
  3. Leo Rudakov
  4. Maria Gomez-Moreno
belt promotion 03/12/23

It is sincerely hoped that these students will continue to study and grow in the spirit of Martial Arts and strive for the perfect union of Mind, Body and Spirit.