Belt Test Triumphs! Celebrating April’s Promotions at Vital Martial Arts Academy

Here at Vital Martial Arts Academy, April showers brought a wave of success! We’re bursting with pride to celebrate all our incredible students who crushed their belt tests this month.

Dedication Rewarded!

Your commitment and perseverance truly shone through during those tests. We’ve witnessed countless hours of focused training, sweat (maybe a few tears!), and unwavering determination. Every single one of you who stepped onto the testing floor deserves a round of applause for your incredible achievement.

A Special Salute to Our Green Belts Achievers!

This month, we want to give a special shoutout to our new Wushu Green Belts! Achieving these ranks signifies exceptional skill and dedication. You’ve all set a phenomenal example for your peers, demonstrating the true spirit of martial arts excellence.

The Journey Continues!

For all our students who tested, regardless of the outcome, remember that this is a lifelong journey. Every belt test presents an opportunity to learn, grow, and push your boundaries. Keep setting new goals, embrace the challenges that come with martial arts training, and celebrate every milestone along the way.

Here are students who were promoted:

Blue Belt:

  • Diana Bushueva

Green Belt with Blue Stripe:

  • Marco Viscito
  • Carlos Gomez-Moreno

Green Belt:

  • Sorina Codita
  • Kirill Onofreiciuc
  • Lucia Viscito
  • Maria Gomez-Moreno

Yellow Belt with Green Stripe:

  • John Estrin
  • David Kaziev
  • Sofia Bertulis

Yellow Belt:

  • Allen Lozovskiy
  • Aleksander Falkov
  • Andrei Zadorozhnyi
  • Georgiy Zakhvatov

White Belt with Yellow Stripe:

  • David Ainisman
  • Aisha Sarmiento
  • Emir Kanar
Belt tests April 2024: Allen Lozovskiy, Aleksaner Falkov, DAvid Kaziev, David Ainisman, John Estrin, Andrei Zadorozhnyi, Emir Kanar, Vital Yarashevich, Aisha Sarmiento
Belt tests April 2024: Vital Yarashevich, Sofia Bertulis, Georgiy Zakhvatov

The Vital Martial Arts Academy Family Cheers You On!

We at Vital Martial Arts Academy are incredibly fortunate to have such a dedicated and supportive community. We’re a family here, cheering each other on every step of the way. So let’s give a huge round of applause to all our champions who tested in Wushu and Kung Fu!