On December 9th, 2023, the Vital Martial Arts Academy hosted a joyous holiday celebration at West Lake Park in Hollywood, Florida. It was a day filled with festivity, community spirit, and of course, impressive martial arts demonstrations!

The event offered a diverse range of activities for everyone, here are some highlights:

  • A Serene Start with Qigong and Tai Chi: The festivities commenced with a calming Qigong and Tai Chi class led by Sifu Vital Yarashevich. Parents learned gentle movements and breathing exercises to cultivate relaxation and inner peace, setting the perfect tone for the day.
  • Showcasing Dedication and Skill: students took center stage, showcasing their dedication and talent through impressive wushu and kung fu performances. Their routines were a testament to their hard work and discipline, captivating the audience with their grace and power.
  • Fueling the Fun with Florio’s of Little Italy Pizza: What’s a celebration without delicious food? Florio’s Pizza stepped up to the plate, providing mouthwatering pizzas that fueled the fun and kept everyone’s energy levels high.
  • Unleashing Creativity with Sunshine State Academy: The Sunshine State Academy set up a vibrant arts and crafts zone, where children could unleash their creativity and create festive martial arts keepsakes. It was a delightful space for imaginative play and artistic expression.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all families who participated and supported this special event. Your presence, enthusiasm, and contributions made the day truly unforgettable. We also extend our appreciation to Florio’s of Little Italy, and the Sunshine State Academy for partnering with us to create such a memorable experience.

Sunshine State AcademyFlorios of Little Italy Restaurant