On Saturday, February 11th 2023, Vital Martial Arts Academy joined the family and friends of Anthony Reznik to celebrate his life and designate the eastern stretch of Sunny Isles Boulevard in  Sunny Isles Beach, Florida as “Anthony Reznik Boulevard.” The bill designating the street in Anthony’s honor was first passed by the Florida Senate and House and was signed into law by the FL Governor Ron DeSantis last summer.

Two years ago, on Feb 10th 2021, Anthony Reznik was legally crossing the crosswalk on the West to East side of Sunny Isles Beach Blvd. A driver ran the red light at the crosswalk and struck Anthony with her vehicle, putting the 11-year-old into a coma that he did not survive. Although the driver committed multiple violations and killed a young boy, she was let go at the scene, not charged criminally and only received a red-light ticket.

Anthony donated his organs and saved three people’s lives, including that of a little boy who received his heart. His death was not vain, as he continues to save people’s lives through our commitment to improve traffic and pedestrian safety in his honor.

Sunny Isles Beach Blvd Street Renaming in Honor of Anthony Reznik

Anthony ‘Antoshka’ Reznik was a longtime student of Sifu Vital Yarashevich. He won many tournaments, including being honored twice at the Orlando ICMAC Grand Wushu Champion in the Kids and Junior divisions (2016, 2017). In 2016, Anthony Reznik was selected for the USA National Kung Fu team in San Jose, California. He remains one of the most talented and motivated students which Sifu Yarashevich had the honor of teaching in his 20+ years coaching career.

VMAA student Brooklyn ‘Anya’ Moore did a short Wushu performance dedicated to Anthony Reznik, titled  ‘Little Bear.’